Making Headway


Girl head down with gate behind


  1. Are you between 18-28 years old?
  2. Are you able to attend London-based training?

If you have answered ‘yes’, then you may be eligible for our Making Headway project.

The Making Headway project is divided into three stages (Look! Prep! Go!) in which participants are mentored to help achieve their reasonable goals:

The effects of crime are hugely damaging: firstly to the victims and ultimately to society at large. PAN is working with key organisations, as well as managing projects of its own, to help ensure ex-offenders wanting to change for the better are given the opportunity to do so.

People Arise Now offers courses on Employability skills, functional skills (literacy, numeracy, and ICT), as well as counselling and mentorship to help ex-offenders re-integrate with society and assist with their general rehabilitation.

If you are an ex-offender and you wish to apply for a place on the PAN Programme, please contact us on 020 7952 1245 or